Gates Travel - Cumbria's Leading Independent Travel Agent

AITO Agents

Gates Travel is a member of AITO Agents
part of the Association of Independent Tour Operators

AITO Specialist Travel Agents collectively sell the unrivalled range of holidays to every corner of the world that AITO members offer.

When you book a holiday through an AITO agent, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of professionals who take immense pride in the quality of service and are passionate about what they do. We encourage the highest standards in all aspects of their business.

Exclusive Membership

AITO Agents set criteria regarding ownership, financial security and quality which must be satisfied before new companies are admitted.

Financial Security

An AITO agent is required to also be a member of ABTA, TTA or Global to help protect money paid by customers to the member for any holiday sold.


Professional Service and Improvements

All agents are committed to high standards of service and believe in regular thorough training for employees. Members continually seek to review and improve their services. They listen to their customers and always welcome suggestions for improving standards.

Sustainable Tourism

Agents are encouraged to recognised the importance of Sustainable Tourism in benefiting host communities, respecting local cultures, protecting the environment and conserving natural resources.

AITO Agents 10 Point Promise

AITO Specialist Travel Agents offer exceptional service for discerning travellers.

Our core values are highlighted in the 10 key points below. Do consult us before choosing your next holiday.

  1. We understand our clients and will find you the right holiday
  2. We go 'beyond Google'.
  3. We use our knowledge, experience and expertise to recommend what is best for your needs.
  4. We are creative and suggest alternatives.
  5. We are independent and honest.
  6. We are open about prices and charges.
  7. We provide reassurance, every AITO holiday we sell offers 100% financial protection.
  8. We provide personal service in a self-service world.
  9. We are happy to be of service, expect a friendly welcome.
  10. We care and aim to exceed your expectations every time you book with us.