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Cultural Tours and Music Holidays

Kirker Holidays' Cultural Tours & Music Holidays programme includes a range of holidays that will appeal to a wide variety of tastes and interests. Whether you wish to learn more of the history and art of a particular region, experience one of their exclusive Kirker Music Festivals or enjoy a classical concert or opera performance, we are confident you will find something that will whet your appetite for travel. All Kirker escorted holidays are led by a guest lecturer who will help you experience the best of what your chosen destination has to offer, but will always allow plenty of time to enjoy your surroundings at a leisurely pace with the company of your fellow travellers.

Kirker tours operate with a smaller number of participants to ensure a more personal experience. Typically, there will be between 10 and 22 passengers. All of Kirker's cultural tours and music holidays are in the company of a tour leader and, where necessary, there will also be a local guide available to help with the smooth running of your holiday.

The secret of Kirker's tours, which often include private openings and visits that would not be possible for the independent traveller, is the detailed planning that goes into every holiday to ensure that you have an unrivalled experience. They are designed to make the most of the time spent in each location but, once the tour has started, you are perfectly at liberty to opt out of a particular day's activity if you prefer to relax or explore independently. Kirker have built-in relaxation time in each of the tours - and have, in many instances, included dinners in good local restaurants which will give you more of an opportunity to experience the local flavour.

Exclusive Kirker Music Festivals

These music holidays are different from the others included in Kirker's programme in that they have prepared a special programme of music exclusively for their clients and have engaged international musicians of the highest calibre. Artists, concert programmes and venues have all been carefully arranged and we like to think the atmosphere on these holidays will be more akin to a country house party where audiences and musicians alike will share in the uniqueness of the festival. Because the festivals are exclusively for Kirker clients there will be a larger number of participants than on other escorted holidays.

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